venerdì, settembre 01, 2006

Mixtapes & Cellmates...Ode to Ending Summer

Swedes Mixtapes and Cellmates presents their new luvely lush EP "If There Is Silence, Fill It With Longing". Great pop, guitardriven soundscapes, melancholy and hope meets something that feels real. Electronic sounds and shoegaze guitarwalls cuddle. This is really good. Mixtapes & Cellmates are a young fresh band, who made their first successfull thrusts to awareness when they toured with KHONNOR around Scandinavia.

Mixtapes & Cellmates have been compared to bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Radio Dept. But we feel that they have found themselves a very distinct and own sound. Mixtapes & Cellmates are without a doubt one of The most interesting new bands out there today!

1. Distance, blinding lights
2. c: you d: the road home
3. You're the driver, and i'm in the backseat collecting words
4. A quiet evening
5. Something less than last time
6. Clean sheets, winter mornings

SE vi ho un po' di copie, prezzo molto modico....qualità vi assicuro molto molto molto alta. nella mia top list per molto tempo. ripeto se interessa ne ho un po' in casa...
(le copie si son già tutte volatilizzate, ne sto riordinando... se ne volete fatevi sotto in fretta)

ehy ti ho scritto su
leggi tu?
è per Mixtapes & Cellmates ...
ah ho trovato anche la tua mail ...
sembra interessante!
Benissimo Jukka mi fido di te. Ti Scriverò un e-mail per avere informazioni...
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