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More than a (record) Label

L'abberante livello dell'insegnamento della lingua inglese(ed italiana) nelle scuole del nostro paese sono esemplari se leggete questa intervista. senza l'ausilio del mio correttore di bozze devo cedere il passo e riappellarmi a quell'esilarante concetto definito da Xl come "globish"...ovvero l'inglese della rete, scritto e pensato da gente non anglosassone. splendido, quindi qui gia' risiede un primo motivo di interesse(e gaudio per il lettore).
in verità il tema trattato nella prossima intervista e' decisamente più interessante, cosi come lo e' un progetto che vuole assolutamente ridare splendore all'arte delle produzioni indipendenti...quelle che come le cooperative(eh eh)...devono obbligatoriamente fornire qualcosa in più rispetto alla cultura mainstream. non solo per quanto riguarda la musica trattata(spesso anche solo questo elemento è fonte di scarto tra il mondo maggioritario e quello sommerso), per le intenzioni ect. ma una label underground oggi dovrebbe ridefinirsi anche per quanto riguarda la "forma" delle sue proposte. i tipi di hall so hanno fatto pochissime uscite, un box per il fumettaro antifolk jeffrey lewis ed un doppio 10" più DVD per woman and children(gia' backing band di cat power nella sua ultima discesa italica). sono release interessanti perchè cercano di proporre gli artisti andando oltre il solo aspetto musicale, investigandoli anche attraverso di strumenti altri-per jeffrey l'albo di fumetti per i woman and children il lato onirico attraverso le immagini.

Cinque chiacchere con dominic goodman di Hallso:
what is "hallso"? you declared on your website that "hallso is a sort of campfire with people all around exchanging
ideas", what's the meaning of your project?

hallso was set up originally to release the box set by jeff lewis. he was
a friend and it was an idea i came up with to try and showcase his range
of talents. I realised from the outset however that if it was to continue
hallso would have to be a very open label with the freedom (and intention)
to release anything that we felt worthwhile or of interest. I think that
rupert smyth (the designer) and i have a great deal of interests and music
is just one of them. I think we felt that it was important to keep the
objectives wide open from the beggining so as to be able to be taken
seriously in whatever we do and not be pigeonholed.
the campfire comment was just a metaphore for ideas exchange. the idea was
that if someone wants to stand up next to the campfire and share a picture
thats fine. Or if they want to do a dance or whatever. We don't want to be
like "no sorry, we only have music round here. I think that tree over
there is for dancing"

you also said that "content are the reason we exist".... anyway you choose
really peculiar packaging for the content you are "promoting". so that will
fit in the old "form/substance" debate...what do you think
about it, related to your work... form and content have the same
priority? what's about that?

I think that hands down if someone said your going to be stuck on a desert
island for the next year and you can either have this pretty box or this
music I would always take the music. The words,music etc is the reason for
hallso to exist. That having been said, I think it would be a lie to say
that the packaging isn't really important. I am against materialism but
everthing nowadays is very disposable and i think that having something
beautiful which will last to house these little creations in is very

how did you choose the artist you work with? how you develope your release? who put togheter the you work with the artist/band...or what...

I met jeff through an interview my wife was doing with him many years ago.
the idea of doing the box set arose as i knew of his comics and what a
great life performer he was and it seemed a shame that people only
generally got one piece of the jigsaw. i thought it would be nice to put
it all together in one place.

what's the next goal do you wanna top?
There are people we would really love to work with. I think we have to be
realistic that someone like paul auster or matthew barney are probably not
going to want to be involved on such tiny projects when they are at the
top of their fields and probably have the pick of what they want to do. I
guess it's a case of building, of approaching people and being able to
show them what you've done and just seeing if thay are interested. i think
we are most probably looking to release some books and films next.

is "hallso" a full time work or are you involved in some other

I certainly don't give hallso as much time as i would like to. I work a
full time job and have a family. When I have time i like to make
films,art, take photos, make music etc. Money really plays quite a big
part in it. Most of these things take money to produce and at the moment i
have very little.
Rupert does alot of stuff. He is involved in alot of different projects
and is living in Berlin at present.

i see from your website that you put attention on playlist....i really
like to read other people one's couse they are always an influence
..and also i could discover great stuff reading other people choice.
is playlist "cultural" instrumentor just voyeurism? could playlist help to
definitve with more precision "who you are"?

the playlist thing is kind of funny. I think it is a great way of learning
about new stuff and introducing people to things they may not be aware of,
however, I also have a problem with people defining themselves by there
influences. It's a bit like the coffee table book idea which is "look what
i'm into. aren't i cool." I suppose it can be showing off in a way, or
looking for oneupmanship by name dropping. maybe that's just a personal
concern. who knows.

5 old and 5 new

charley patton
skip james
blind willie mctell
clarence ashley
dock boggs

women and children
alexander tucker
sunn 0)))

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