lunedì, novembre 28, 2005

Loro ( ! ) e Kevin

ho casulamente trovato questo link... e domani dovrebbe pure scomparire....
che link?... bah, il titolo.

G.R.A.Z.I.E. :)
Bula jr, I'm over in Fiji on vacation ('Bula' is hello in Fijian) I found an internet connection and decided to start research for my surfing dvd site... just found your totally awesome blog and had to dive right in! Your post "this post" is interesting, not really about surfing dvd stuff but certainly worth my time. I'll be bookmarking you so I can spend more time here when I get home. Hopefully you don't mind if I come back (I could also tell my friends... they'd like this)

Okay jr, have a nice day...

Bula (goodbye in Fijian :)
Nice site! |
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