mercoledì, novembre 02, 2005

ladies and gentlemen: da HOOD!

Con immenso piacere, signori e signore. gli hood. cinque domande facili ad uno dei miei gruppi preferiti di sempre. non c'e nulla da aggiungere se non, visitate il loro sito e comprate i loro dischi. si avvicina l'inverno ed e' cmq autunno. vi serviranno dischi come quelli fatti dai fratelli richard e chirs adams.
(ovviamente il mio inglese e' imperfetto. ma se capiscono loro perche' voi no?)

1- i saw you on the last tour and let me tell that actually you are finally a live band. i say that couse i saw you some years ago and honestly you seem not very at your best on the stage....but during "sonar" performance it was clear that you grown up as a live band... so actually, do you like to play live and tour? also you did a big tour... any good/bad things from the last one?

I think in the past we haven't really been confident about playing live but this time we did so many shows we kind of got used to it. the main aim was to present ourselves as a live band (rather than some guys with laptops) but it was really hard to try to re-create the music on stage as it was really a quite dense & complex studio record. i think we did kind of ok although i'd have liked it to be a bit better. i think some of us like playing live and some don't. i got really told off in spain for telling a spanish magazine that i didn't like touring & had loads of people coming up to me asking about it. so i'll not say too much more save to say that for me personally i'm more interested in the studio kind of things and creating new music. its nice to play music in front of people and get a reaction & meet the people buying the records but there are downsides too. there were loads of bad things from the last tour like getting robbed in the US but i prefer not to dwell on that. the best things were seeing good enthusiastic audiences at the shows & the kindness of everyone that booked shows and fed us. it was great to visit country's we'd never normally get the chace to visit

2- that line up will be the same for the next recordings....and any new recordings planned??? or this is "end of one train working"? what's next in the hood future?

we're taking a break at the moment. i'm doing a bit of recording just for fun with some friends. chris.....well i don't know what he's doing except decorating his house. i think he might be doing a bit of recording without telling me! we've already talked about doing some more hood stuff so i'm sure its just a question of when. i think that line up for the last tour is pretty much over but i'm not sure as we haven't really spoken about it. the others are kind of doing their own thing now -we'll have to wait & see.

3- a few words about "the hood tapes"...please...some of us maybe don't understand what is that release...

ha! we aim to confuse. its just a load of demo's, outtakes that we cobbled together to sell on tour. i think you have to do these type of things to make the tours break even. otherwise i think we'd be seriously in debt. theres about 2 or 3 songs on there we might re-work in the future but otherwise its just stuff that didn't fit in with what we were doing on the last record. we like to always do more lo-fi recordings where theres no pressure & i think tour cd's are away of getting some kind of release on this stuff rather than putting it out as a proper album and people saying - wow - this is shit!

4- uk actually is up again in the world charts...there is a british invasion again all over....what do you think about it as insider(from the uk i mean ) and as outsider (not part of the growing scene) ?

erm well. i can never find a band amongst all these new bands that i actually like - i think a lot of it is just hype & it all seems a bit contrived but i think amongst them there are some good bands that obviously have songs that get people excited- but i think having been involved in the whole 'music thing' my reaction at the moment is just to listen to outsider music & try to stay away from all the hype & kind of do our own thing. i'm sure it kills our 'career' or what there is of it but we're kind of happy in our own world & i try and ignore whats going on . it just seems like a different world to me

5- not a question... your listening list....

albums i've liked recently

songs of green pheasant - album on fat cat
arvo part ...various bits (estonian composer)
angels of light - various records on young god
sun kil moon's last album
alexander tuckers album on ATP
the new why? album

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