lunedì, settembre 26, 2005

type, type, type.

uno dei miei dischi preferiti dell'anno passato risponde al nome di handwriting di khonnor. edito dalla type records. tra i dischi preferiti del 2003 "tangled wool" di xela, muscista ma anche chief della type records. un caro amico, davide gualandi, in questi giorni da notizia di una cosa che gia' da tempo era nell'aria, ovvero la pubblicazione di un suo mix su type recs, anzi sul sito della label, che e' parte integrante della label.
allora se tre indizi fanno una prova, e' necessario parlarne un po' anche con john xela che sta dietro a tutte queste cose....e cosi' facciamo.....per capirne le ragioni e le motivazioni...

JR about type recs....
type website is not just a label website...but something more.... charts, discussion forum, radio and mixes from artist look as be part of a general project.... so is type just "a record label" or is something more(with the help of the website)? via type record are you trying to build up something bigger or is it just a network for some kind of listeners and offer em more than records?

JOHN XELA:I would hope that it's something more. The ideas I had initiallly, when I concieved the label with my partner Stefan Lewandowski was more about reaching out to a community of listeners. Since we had been promoting music events together it was a natural step to make Type Records a little more than 'just a record label'. With the introduction of the regular mixes and now a hosted radio show we hope to keep expanding these concepts and make it even more interesting for people.

JR: so what are the reason that move you to sign new artist?

JOHN XELA:Signing artists is an interesting procedure - I get a lot of demos with letters saying 'I know this must be your kind of music'. The truth is, I never know what sort of thing i'm looking for until I hear it. Of course we have a general aesthetic, but I want to be surprised, I want something to move me in some way. I signed Midaircondo, Sanso-Xtro and Ryan Teague from totally unsolicited demos - I just recieved the cds and they shook me in some way, so I released the music.

JR: about seem especially dedicated to the cinematic classic/modern sound, is there any artistic rules under that series of podcast/radio program? and what could be the importance of that instrument?

JOHN XELA: Many of our artists are certainly interested in that sound, as am I, but there isnt a strict rule. For instance I think the music I play on my show is quite varied, I play a lot of folk and rock music alongside more modern classical and cinematic sounds. My musical taste is extremely varied, I enjoy most types of music to some degree, so I never set people boundaries, we just seem to attract more 'cinematic' minded people I think.

JR: what's next from type?

JOHN XELA: Next from Type we have a wonderful album from the band Midaircondo, three Swedish girls who make absolutely sublime electronic/acoustic music. Then to finish off the year we have the much-anticipated debut album from Deaf Center, which is a gorgeous collection of dark and cinematic Norwegian music.

JR: but WHAT'S NEXT FROM XELA? any new direction or what's new....

JOHN XELA: Ah! Now you're asking :)
I've been working on a new album lately and of course it's a new direction. I've been working with a lot more instruments and analogue equipment, so expect a much dirtier, noisier, free-er sound. It's not going to be easy listening by any means.


Paavoharju - Yhä Hämärää (Fonal)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Wedlock (Eclipse)
The Hototogisu - Floating Japanese Oof! Gardens Of The 21st Century (Destijl)
Earth - Hex (Or Printing The Infernal Method) (Southern Lord)
Tarentel - Home Ruckus (Root Strata)
Murcof - Remembranza (Leaf)
Thuja - All Strange Beasts Of The Past (Emperor Jones)
Jack Rose - Kensington Blues (Beautiful Happiness)

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the funniest, most talented animator on the planet.

questo e' il mix di davide gualandi,

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