venerdì, settembre 23, 2005

the dark side of mash up!

dopplebanger-maestro di blootleg mix

bootleging o mash up?.... qual'e' il termine corretto per difinire quell'arte ormai non piu' cool del fare stare nello stesso spazio di un'mp3 due canzoni diverse?
con due canzoni se ne fa una e basta:che spreco verrebbe quasi da dire. ma direi che la storia dell'arte e' sempre stat fatta di recuperi...pensate al recupero di manufatti in marmo o materiali lapidei poi riutilizzati,una volta tolti dal loro contesto originario, ed inseriti in nuove costruzioni... oppure pensate a quello che vi pare.... di fatto alcune di queste operazioni sono molto interessanti... Mathieu Carratier non sara' famoso come 2many dj's o richard x aka girls on top.... ma spacca!
ultimamente gli e' stata commissionata una compilation formato mp3, scaricabile direttamente dal sito . qui al nostro e' stato chiesto di partire da materiali di artisti in catalogo alla gooom disques ed unendo le loro traccie con le parti vocali di hit r'n'b'/hiphop americano arrivare a sintetizzare una compila di mash up. "dark side of the gooom". il riusultato e' quantomeno ottimo, basi abstract electro hip hip shogazing con sopra ceffi come eminem beyonce adire la loro. e funziona, cazzo se funziona.
una delle cose migliori della stagione. ed una delle migliori di sempre di questa nuova ma gia' vecchia arte chiamata bootleg mix.

dopplebanger(mathieu carratier) intervista:

JR:how and when do you start making mash up/bootleg?

I actually made my first bootleg in march 2004. I was preparing a mix
for a party in France and wanted to do something more than spinning some
records... Being familiar with the website Get Your Bootleg On (big
inspiration!) and mash-ups, I thought "why not try to put some acapellas
over those tracks?". Since the party was hosted in part by the French
electronica label Gooom (which also releases my band's music -
Cosmodrome), I started playing with a track from M83, the Jackson remix
of "run into flowers". I added Aphex Twin's acid edit of "Windowlicker"
to the song, and it was the perfect fit. But it definitely lacked some
hip hop. That's when Khia's "my neck, my back" entered the game. And it
was awesome. Beginner's luck. After that I knew I had to do more of
those. The reception was good, so I created a website to host the

JR:what are the most important instruments and what help you more in the
making of that mash up project?

Doing music, songs, having a band is a big help in terms of building the
tracks and get the acapella to sound in tune with the backing song.
Having fun is also important. I'm a big fan of stupidity and simplicity.
When I heard Mobb Deep's "Got it Twisted", I just wanted to make a
bootleg called "Got It Twisted Sister", and chose The Rapture's "Sister
Saviour" as a background just to have a track with that name. I tried
with some Twisted Sister songs first, of course, but it just didn't

JR: what are the coordinate and the aesthetics of that project?

I try to use some not so well known songs as a basis for the tracks, and
they're my chance to take down some boundaries between genres. I want to
hear Christina Aguilera sing on some unknown French electronic music. I
want 50 Cent to rock to Sonic Youth. But the main concern is to take a
very popular song and corrupt its emotions. I think my biggest victory
in that sense is the Beyonce/M83 bootleg. What was a party tune became a
nostalgic love song, and that's what makes mash-ups interesting for me,
more than anything.

JR:dark side of the gooom it's a sublime project. one of the most
brilliant mix i have ever listen. you easily make fit togheter some
of the best mainstrem r'n'b/pophiphop shit with the best of france new
bands or projects.. do the guys from gooom give you any straight
coordinate or what? how it was born?

First, thank you! The Gooom people loved the first bootlegs I did using
tracks from the label (Beyonce/M83 and M83/Aphex Twin/Khia), and wanted
more. We started joking about a full length bootleg album that would be
called "Dark Side of the Gooom" and... One year later it was a reality.
They suggested tracks to use, but I just got through the whole catalog
and chose songs that would be easy to mash. I can be really lazy and
stubborn. The idea behind the project was also to showcase some French
bands I really like, like Villeneuve and Abstrackt Keal Agram. To give
them a little international exposition. I'm also working on a bootleg
version of Sonic Youth's album "Goo". It's called "Gootleg" and may be
finished one day. Maybe.

JR:speak about your other band?....

So, my band... COSMODROME. French. Electronic. A few releases on Gooom
are still available, and the new album is taking centuries to finish. We
just did a song with the ridiculously talented girls from Avenue D
( called "Just Keep Dancing". It's gonna be on their
next EP, and is already available on the great "Music For Robots Vol. 1"
compilation. Buy it from them, thank you (
I also started another project with my favourite singer, Lisa Papineau
(, called THE STORM. It's a dream come true. I've
been a fan of her for a decade (since her old band's album, PET), and
doing songs with her has been one of the most amazing experiences ever.
I hope to release that next year. Labels... e-mail me.

Sufjan Stevens "Illinois"
SonGodSuns "Over The Counter Culture"
Kanye West "Late Registration"
Goldfrapp "Supernature"
Alex Wurman "March of the Penguins"

"The 40 Year Old Virgin" by Judd Apatow
"Wedding Crashers" by David Dobkin
"Rize" by David La Chapelle
"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" by Shane Black
"A History of Violence" by David Cronenberg

And... every new Brett Easton Ellis novel, the website,
my Tony Scott DVD collection, "Entourage" on TV ( the
list is long!

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