martedì, giugno 21, 2005

thaddi boomkat mix cd

un paio di settimane fa boomkat ha pubblictao un nuovo cd di musiche selezionate da un artista amico. questo potrebbe darci lo spunto per parlare o provare a ragionare sui mix cd. hanno un valore artistico? ovvero la compilazione di un cd con muische altrui e' un prodotto che in qualche misura ha a che fare con l'arte del creare? io credo che una buona selezione possa essere considerata una forma di espressione artistica. ad esempio il dj o il selcter fa questo, non lo ferma su un cd, si limita a svolgere una performance che ha una fine ed un inzio e non lascia traccie.... ma ne siamo propsio sicuro? anche li direi di no, ma non voglio addentrarmi troppo in questa discussione. magari in futuro.
l'altra cosa che questo cd mix evidenzia in modo netto, e' una certa tendenza per i suoni cinematici di certa elettronica e di come si stia creando un circuito di muisciti sempre piu' interessati ad un nuovo modo di "immaginare musiche per immagini". provato ad esempio a pensare a label come la type di john xela, solo per citarne una. indagate indagate. magari partendo proprio da questo cd che thaddi herrmann(cco, herrmann and kleine) ha compilato per i tipi di boomkat. ci sono influenze e nuove prospettive in quel dischetto argentato.

e ne parliamo brevemente con il compilatore:

jukka-hi thaddi, how and when the cd was make?

thaddi-i made the cd because boomkat asked me to do so. i liked the idea and went ahead. there are so many mix-cds out there and almost all of them focus on 4/4-tracks, or danceable music to be more precise. since my beatmatching skills are very limited, the strength of mix would have to be simply: favorite tracks. this is what i did. it starts of very slow and moody, brings in some uptempo tracks later on, most importantly, parts of my favorite audio book ever: the german version of the original star wars audio book for kids, some of my alltime favorite bands and projects, such as depeche mode, st. etienne, martin gore ... stuff like that. a mix should represent your favorite selection at a certain point in time. and bring back memories of things long gone

what's the aestethic of your selection?

well, i only realised this after i had done the mix, but it focuses quite heavily on piano-based music. i always was a big fan of the piano, music for airports being one of my really most important records of all times. the starting point really for the mix was the first track on the mix by wim mertens, a composer from belgium. i discovered this particular track on an old compilation from "les discques du crepuscule" and thought to myself it would be nice to compile more stuff in this vein. since it was christmas when i recorded it, i wanted to keep it quiet and peaceful as well ...

do you manipulate or remixed any songs that cd?

not at all ... i recorded it live. 2 turntables, straight onto the computer

the tracklist:

01. wim mertens - close cover (les disques du crepuscule)
02. runaway train (ash international)
03. st. etienne - i'm here to mix the nuns (l'appareil photo)
04. runaway train (ash international)
05. sicker man - sum it up, somara (blank records)
06. montag - objets trouves (ai)
07. spinform - fallstjernor (hobby industries)
08. deaf center (type)
09. martin gore - star dust (atom heart remix) (mute)
10. star wars audio book (fontana)
11. depeche mode - stjarna (mute)
12. alva noto / sakamoto (raster noton)
13. the hope blister - dagger (4ad)
14. penguin cafe orchestra - prelude and yodel (editions eg)
15. king seven - hidden (camshot)
16. steve alexander - not invented here (reinforced)
17. runaway train (ash international)

why do a mix cd?

well as i said ... because i got asked to do one!

any new work from you....?

there is a track called "3 difficult words" to be released on a compilation on pingipung records ... any day now

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