mercoledì, ottobre 15, 2008


Bastion are Jukka Reverberi (from Cavriago - part of a legendary italian post-rock collective risen up back in the 90s, Giardini Di Mirò, and owner of a solo project called Die Stadt Der Romatische Punk) and Valerio Cosi (23-years-old saxophonist/multiplayer devoted to free-jazz/psychedelic rock/ethnic drones/electronics who started publishing his music in 2006). They never met and neither had a chat. They never had a chance to listen to their voices.

The main concept about their project is distance. Distance, for them, is a place where their worlds have been separated and overlapped just like two attacked and sheltered bastions, ready to keep up their respective difficulties. People inhabited into them, lots of different people with different kind of occupations. They believed they were impenetrable but in the end they have always been touched by the other one.

The result is a four track long album with beautiful drones and subtle noise, with haphazardly portions of improvised and primitive jazz surfacing from under the guitar layers. The date for release has not yet been decided, but sometime in November seems likely.

Fiquissimo!!!! non vedo l'ora di sentire questo ep\album che dirsivoglia!!!!
cazzo, finalmente!
cioe' autodefinirsi leggenda...
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